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The Software Corner


The Software Corner

Technology Corner-I Can't Wait Until This Is Everywhere!-<>

Technology Corner-Everyone that has a newer computer, Windows 7 or newer, has Speech Recognition on it. What is this? This is a voice recognition program that allows you to speak as it types up what you say. You can also use this program in email and documents. The tutorial explains the process. Simply go to your programs, and then search all programs. Types in Speech Recognition. You will see it come up. Just click on it.

Technology Corner-Word Prediction ToolsThese types of tools of for those with learning disabilities. They predict what the user will say due to their syntax, spelling, and how often they use the particular words. There are different types of products. Those you will want to look into are listed below. Remember that each individual is different.


Technology Corner-Do you have an ipad? Many people do or they have the technology on their phones. Check out all of the apps available for free from apple!-

Today the most popular thing going is the ipad.or iphone. For those of you that have it.

“Siri lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. Siri is so easy to use and does so much, you’ll keep finding more and more ways to use it.”

Apps, Apps, and more Apps!!! What am I to do??? Find out what they are before you download them-



This event just took place. There are many gamers out there. In the near future I believe we will see, what was shown for prices within our means-
Many people with disabilities find they need an accessible home. This may require several modification. The following articles will define types that can be used and how they can be installed. They also focus on doing so in an inexpensive manner.

Voice-recognition programs-With this program you talk and your computer types. It is useful for people who have difficulty using their hands, for those that are deaf, have communication problems, and for those with dyslexia. On-line you can hop and find this product for under $60.00

Deficit disorder apps-These types of apps can be found on the internet ranging from .99 and up!

Video Relay Services-These are for a communication basis. In this video format one is using a video desktop with a mobile device. This is a free service.

Text Relay-In this service the communication is formed by the deaf person typing and the relay person speaking. This is a free service.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)-This is an on-demand sign language interpreting service, that is delivered over a live Internet video connection. You need to check with you service provider. In this are Sprint and AT&T appear to be the only providers.

Smartphone Apps-These are great for opening and closing your door!. The monthly cost is $9.00 and up. See this article for the links to the companies offing them--

NeoSpeech Text-to-Speech Offers Enhanced Accessibility in Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act-

Amplified Phones are wonderful for the hearing impaired. Did you know that you can easily qualify for a free phone? See this link and find out how- and paste this link)

Disabilities: This article comes from disabilityie. In it they discuss alternate methods for the mouse and the keyboard-


New American Foundation for the Blind App Helps People with Vision Loss Easily Take Notes on iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®-


Smart Glasses to Help People With Poor Vision to Navigate, Recognize People and Things-The newest technology comes from Oxford University where their researchers are building a special set of electronic glasses that may help people many type of people with visual disabilities-

Saving your information-Today most people save their information on a disc. Thus thinking that it is protected in this form. I know of so many people that put all of their pictures that they do not print out on a disc. Not to mention paperwork. Did you know that if a library caught on fire that so much paper would be preserved because paper lasts longer. Pictures and paper can always be copied. Experts tell us that one, they do not know how long a disc will last until the surface will begin to peel off , and two we know that technology will change and then we will not be able to use them(discs) with the latest computers. Therefore what I do is save my documents and pictures on an external hard drive. This I feel is the safest place to keep them. 

Ablevision is Triangle's national award-winning television and media program created and produced entirely by people with disabilities. 100,000 Youtube views, 55 broadcast affiliates in Massachusetts, California, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, and Washington DC. State-of-the-art digital studio. This is what people with ability is all about.

Note: Everyone be careful with your yahoo accounts. They have all been in danger of being hacked. Change your password right away if this happens and don’t use the same password for everything either.


In today’s world you can find the technology to automatically send out messages, newsletters, invitations, and other forms of data. However the human touch, as in most of our world has left us. Sometimes I want to go back to the milk man putting the bi-weekly amount in the box out front. Sometimes! So as there has been a very long illness by the one that does the newsletter, let us think about how far technology has taken us.


Protecting Your Laptop-Your laptop is not designed in the same manner as your desktop. Therefore precautions need to be put in place and taken for it to perform and last.


First make sure that you use a cooling fan under your laptop. If you are traveling they do have ones that fold up that are easier to take with you. They are worth the slight inconvenience.

Second, please do don't bounce your computer around. This can only cause loose wiring. We are talking about plastic casings here.

The third thing that you can do is to purchase an external hard drive. If you use this to put most of your documents on, you will keep your computer clean and thus it will not become so bogged down.

One other bit of advice is to always shut it down. All the way down/ Don't let it sleep. Shut it down.

Screen Magnification is available on the newer computers right on the windows program. Many are not aware of this so we have the link here to show you how to set up the magnification on your own. Of course if you have any problems, please give us a call.

This comes from our computer technician- A new player to download that works better than Player- You can download now.  - Similar

It has a strange face page but don’t let that scare you off. Just hit download.




Is it true that you can have the text turned into a spoken word? Yes, you can!


There are a number of these types of programs. We have different types for different ages. Of course one can understand why there are different kinds for the different age groups and that is because of vocabulary.


I will touch on the Text-To-Speech program that is just that. You take text and turn it into speech. This has its advantages and its disadvantages. The big advantage is you can pick which text you want to speak. The disadvantage is that you must pick what you want to speak by the cut and paste method.


For those that have never used a computer before, the cut and paste method can be a bit tricky. This can take some time to become proficient to be able to use this well but there are a few tricks to get one going a little quicker. When you have it down then the hard part is over.


Most programs have you simply open the program and cut and paste the area that you want to have read into the area. Then you just hit the speak or read icon or button.


Many times I will split the screen and have this sitting off to the side so the person can see where this is reading from i.e., the paragraph.


Another wonderful feature with most of these programs is that they come with many different voices; including males, females, different origins, and languages.


Dragon Naturally Speaking
With this software a person talks naturally to the computer, using the included microphone, and the words appear on the screen. It is fully integrated with WordPerfect and Word so the commands are displayed right in the menu bar. Using voice only, the user can speak commands to proofread, revise and edit text, listen to, and dictate e-mail. A person can switch between the applicati
ons by telling the computer which program to open
. This software is displayed on the homepage.

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Technology Corner-This website lists a number of apps that for people who struggle to speak. Those include autism, brain injuriescerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and stroke.-
Technology Corner-This website lists a number of apps that for people who struggle to speak. Those include autism, brain injuriescerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and stroke.-

Technology Corner- App for Children to Form Simple Sentences-
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