June 11, 2017

To whom it may concern,

We have known Sandi Baker for at least three years.  Her Adaptive Technology Solutions has helped thousands since she began in November of 2010.  Sandi is determined to let nothing stop her from achieving her goals.  Her mission is to share that determination with others, providing tools that will enable them to become all they can be.  For those with physical limitations and for our veterans, Sandi offers computers, training and help with job placement.  Some courses include certifications to work in the computer field.

Her positive attitude comes across when she speaks.  She is an expert on several relevant topics, such as computer software and hardware, service animal etiquette, our veterans and their need for our assistance and appreciation, and The American Disabilities Act.

She has been a frequent guest on Big John’s radio programs, “Big John and Big Talk” and “GovStuff Live.”  During her last visit, she educated the listeners on the ADA, including the obligation of Uber drivers and Hotel Managers to accept her service animal, Scout, no questions asked.

Her website, www.adaptivesol.com ,and her FaceBook, page Adaptive Technology Solutions, provide inspiring articles, pictures and links for all of us.    She motivates us to think, to care, to get involved, to donate to her worthy causes.


Big John

Boss, Goliath Radio

Barbara Kincade

Big John’s “Sweetie”