Living with a chronic seizure disorder is not an easy thing to do. Many people think that I make it look easy. It isn’t an easy day to day life! From the tremors to the seizures throughout the day and night. I grew up with latent seizures but after graduating from college they went full blown. I am not fully controlled, even though I take 5 different kinds of seizure drugs at the total of 20 pills a day. I have a service dog that has saved my life more than once. I took that negative and pulled myself up to do something positive!

Having being around many people with disabilities showed me that I can could do it. I have many relatives that have seizures. My mother is legally blind. I watched her go through college and get her masters. Nothing held her back. She took that degree and helped others by working for the Division of Blind Services. So I took my negative and turned it into a positive!

I created a Non-Profit that helps people with disabilities. We provide computers, adaptive technology , and teaching for all disabilities. After almost 6 years we have helped hundreds of people. It is so rewarding to make lives better! I noticed that people with disabilities most times can not afford this technology. Without it they are missing out on an integral part of our lives today. Watching people go back to school, starting their own businesses, and learning to function with society.

We just launched a new program for Veterans. We are teaching them computer skills in which the can received diplomas and certifications so they can work at a business or start their own business working with computers.

Every day is a gift. We all need to learn to help one another. This will make the world a better place to live in.

When I am asked how I do this my answer is “One foot in front of the other”. – Sandi Baker, Founder & CEO of Adaptive Technology Solutions


Sandi Baker & Scout              Founder & CEO